Sunday, July 30, 2006

About Us:

I've composed this "misson statement" of sorts that also appears on the page. I'd like to hear people's comments, criticisms & suggestions.

We are Ithacans interested in raising awareness about the beliefs and practices of those who belong to the "Twelve Tribes" religious cult who own and operate the Maté Factor on the Ithaca Commons and live in a group house in Fall Creek. As citizens committed to civil rights for all, tolerance for people of diverse cultures and faiths, equal rights for women and a liberal education for our children, we are concerned about the presence in our community of a group who promote an ideology antithetical to these ideals while actively proselytizing and recruiting new members. The First Amendment guarantees to us all the right to our views and speech. While we affirm this right of theirs, we are conscious of our own right and responsibility to exercise judgment regarding which business establishments we patronize. IOTTC advocates a boycott by all Ithacans of the Twelve Tribes Mate Factor on the Ithaca Commons and close scrutiny of this group by local authorities to ensure that they are complying with all New York State and Federal laws. IOTTC expressly does not endorse any form of harrassment or intimidation of those belonging to the Twelve Tribes. (For more information on the history and beliefs of the Twelve Tribes, see links on this page.)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Welcome to IOTTC!

IOTTC is a community group that is forming to raise awareness about the true nature of the Twelve Tribes group that owns and operates the Mate Factor restaurant in the old Home Dairy building on the Ithaca Commons. Check back soon for more information about meeting times and places.