Monday, August 27, 2007

Smile, there's a new pamphlet!

I have never been a member of the Twelve Tribes. I have no plans to investigate them by going in "undercover." I will not have dinner with them. (I won't put them through the trouble of having to wash my dishes separately in bleach.)

Because I don't know any active members personally and because I rely for the most part on second-hand information for what I write, they and some of their friends say it is "garbage" (see comments to article below).

They should be happy to know that I didn't write the latest IOTTC pamphlet. Ten ex-TTers did. Most spent years in the group. They provide the would-be initiate with their personal experience of what what TT life is really like.

If you know where TT is recruiting, please print out a few copies and hand them out. If you know someone who is flirting with the group, give him/her a copy.

One more reason to smile: looks like TT canceled their plans for a "Merrymakers Caravan" tour this year. :-)

NOTE: If you have difficulty with the link above, use the "Download our pamphlets" link at the upper right.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a link to the pamphlet that doesn't require registering on some site?

Aloysius Horn said...

You ought to be able to download the pdf directly from the link given without registering. Please give it a try again and let me know if you still have difficulty.

Anonymous said...

I get sent to;jsessionid=7ABC682091F23F6443A803CCAA870E4B which asks me to "Please sign in to your eSnips account" or "Join! It's FREE!"

Far be it to discuss people having suspicious responses to "Join us! It's FREE!" pitches on this site... ;)

Aloysius Horn said...

Hmm...I apologize for the difficulties, but I'm stumped. It works when I try it (when I am not logged in).

Can someone else report if they have been successful at downloading without signing in/signing up?

Erica said...

I have been able to download it without signing up.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why the women wear those balloon type circus pants.

Anonymous said...

A recent teaching has come down from Gene & Marsha Spriggs to uphold the traditions. Distinctive clothing style was mentioned to maintain in the coming years, when more and more new people will be coming in. I suspect Marsha is concerned the women will eventually discard her circus pants!

John said...

Who cares what teachings are being written. Leave the commune alone. It's their life, not yours!

Anonymous said...

We think something should be said, because they just don't tell new people everything they should know to make an informed decision. Is that somehow wrong?

Anonymous said...

One of my friends recently saw permanent scares on a young man who grew up in the Tribes and left.

I wish with all my heart that founders Gene & Marsha Spriggs, Yoneq & H'emeq could realize that it doesn't matter how much you beat a child or how early you start hitting them in life, a human being is only going to take so much, plus because they work everyone for long hours, the children don't get to spend very much time with the fathers.

I'm convinced that Gene Spriggs is no prophet. I don't know where he got his inspiration, but he's led to the damage of many lives in the name of God and Yahshua.

It scares me that pedophiles have also joined through the years. I lived with two of them. One of them at least is still a member and high in authority. One of the "first disciples." And he and his wife have even been given yet another Hebrew name now, because he has been publicly exposed before.

I hope those of you reading can somehow realize that a lifestyle such as this can be attractive, healing in some ways, and very damaging in other ways. It's giving me pain in my chest right now just thinking of all that's happened with this group through the years. The lies, even in court, the cover-ups in the name of "concealing a matter", the lack of proper medical care that would have saved the lives of adults & babies, and working people for double-shifts for room and board. Somehow this should be illegal. But because it's done in the name of God and religion it goes on and sucks in enough new down-and-out people to replace the burned out and defecting. I really wish something could be done to change how this group operates. Yoneq and H'emeq have made fools out of many sincere people in so many ways. I don't hate them, but wish they would change things before they die and become memorialized indefinitely throughout the Tribes.

Bodhi F. said...

I have lived with them for the last 3 mths and have knnown them for 5 mths.They are amazing I have never seen love like this.The fact that people say there is abuse is ludacris!! There is nothing but love there and I am joining I have finally found my purpose.I know anyone who says these horrible lies has not truly known them or just didn't want to give up their life and their own selfish desires.Usually the ones that say bad things are the ones that were asked to leave.

girl baby said...

Oh wow you sound like you know alot about them.........NOT!!! they are widely known for their abuse and breaking up REAL awful cult full of hippocrits and SLAVES...they pick up lost individuals looking to find something more and they have been known to find the 12 tribes; ABUSE at its finest...somewhat of a Oneida wannabes that think they are better than everyone else.... I know first hand at the extent of their abuse. A very hurtful self righteous cult. Do some real research duh

Captain Whitefox said...

Of the forty or so members I know in Asher; there are many who display a kindness of nature in tandem with an aesthetic quietude, the likes of which is rare. I’ve known them well enough and for long enough to know it’s genuine. My only problem with them is their unwillingness to use the scriptures. They simply don’t know them well enough and fold when questioned. The day they can justify their belief using the scriptures is the day I consider joining them, but until then ...

mama zion said...

cult..abuse..disappearing people...cult...abuse of scriptures

little cult loser said...

Sometimes i'd like to beat Gene Spriggs (Yoneq's) ass with a very long oiled rod that we used on the children. Actually in Island Pond, one of the brothers was very proud to have constructed a long solid wooden paddle with holes in it, to make it swing faster through the air and hit the teenage boys butts harder. That's when the disobedient boys would be lined up in a row for discipline. SOund like fun? Only if you're the one now being hit.

Bu the way, did you all know Eugene Spriggs has a son who claims his dad operates a cult? Ever wonder why he never joined the Twelve Tribes cult?

Yoneq's discipe said...

Just noticed the picture of Yoneq and Ha'emeq enjoying their sun hats. Nice to have a leisurely walk in the park, while everyone else is up and about from 6am-11pm nightly. Care for a ride on the Peacemaker Bus? Not sure what God's will is for your life? No problem, they can tell you in detail. Just repent and join their cult and never leave or be damned to Death and/or the Lake of Fire to be forever tormented by a God that loved you so much, he sent Yahshua to die for you on the cross, so you could join the Twelve Tribes, "the only place where the Spirit of God lives", and be their little slave-boy or slave-girl. But don't worry about that, they will "raise you up" through many teachings and much training to recruit, excuse me, "evangelize" the "lost sheep" who need to be called and need a "shepherd."

Martalik said...

Yoneq and Ha'emeq, you both need to repent and be willing to receive your discipline. In your hands were and are the lives, beliefs and fates of thousands of people. Do you have a good conscience about what you've created through the years? I'm just asking. If you think some honest changes should be made for the better, now is the time to act. Before you pass on and are venerated in the coming years and everything turns into one more rule to follow. I'm just asking.

sassafras said...

I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting this group of people before they were run out of our town. I know people that have left the 12 Tribes. They are a cult... hands down. You are not free to decide anything on your own with this group - they instill fear in their people and they DO abuse their children. If you know someone who has gotten mixed up with them find an exit counselor and find one quick.

Chris said...

Why don't you people leave them alone. They are elderly now. Sure they've made mistakes. Have you? They are not some kind of evil people like you make them out to be. Yoneq washes dishes and buses tables. Not all the time, but he works like the other brothers as he is able. What do you expect of these people? We're all human beings. Seems like at this point they are doing the best they know how. And it's not some kind of wealthy lifestyle for them either.

Anonymous said...

How can you call abuse, mistakes? I never saw Yoneq do any dishes, and certainly never ever Marsha! Maybe things have changed. I always thought Yoneq existed to correct people, even putting little notes of correction on the mate pots in his old age. Oops! was that me that left the lid of the mate pot? Too f_ _ _ ing bad! Guess I'm human too!

Jonas said...

Yoneq's not the evil cult genius you make him out to be. At worst, he's someone who received some bad or tainted inspiration, at best he's a very caring person who's doing the best he know how. He didn't start out with the intention of forming a communal life. It just gradually happened. He and Marsha were trying to help people and following the example of Jesus the best they knew how. I relate to them, because I really don't think mainstream society has the answer for many troubled people, and another pill isn't the answer for everything. People need love, brotherhood, sisterhood, real forgiveness, understanding, and a daily life together. From what I've experienced in this world, it's mainly me and my family first and too bad for you. Everyone trying to build up their own little kingdom. It's refreshing to see some people really seek to love God and one-another. I'm not saying they're somehow ideal or perfect in this. Communal living, even with the very best of intentions, hard work, clear goals, involves increased drama, misunderstandings, people leaving and blaming the community, and occasional abuses and crimes. It all happens. Everything. We're on Earth. There's no Heaven here, anywhere, except in small pieces at best. I give them credit, even though I left there a long time ago. It's be good if this blog were not so negative. It's not really giving the big picture of the communities.

Vermont friend said...

There is a very strong and baffling spiritual presence within this group by which many have been deceived into thinking that it's from God, but it is not. There is a great wresting of scripture that takes things out of context causing the followers to believe teachings which are dis proven in other areas of the Bible. This is a dangerous sect of deceived people being led by a man that believes that he is the Elijah prophet.

Ann Phelps said...

The baffling presence you experienced is probably a good and loving God trying to reach your hardened heart. I love the Tribal people.

Anonymous said...

17+ hour work days while standing most of the time.

All believe and do what the founder Gene Spriggs has taught.

All of Christianity and the Christian Jesus is condemned as

demonic, and the satanic scarlet whore of the Bible book of Revelation.

Birthdays, Christmas and other holidays are not celebrated.

Children are frequently hit with balloon sticks by any adult

member for any form of disobedience or “foolishness.”

Childrens toys, dolls, and stuffed animals are not allowed.

Claim Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. deserved to die.

Claim black people should still be slaves to whites unless they join.

Claim to be the only people forgiven and being saved by God.

Claim to be the only people who have the Holy Spirit.

Claim to be the only people who will bring Jesus back to earth by

eventually birthing 144,000 celibate male evangelists and being

perfectly obedient to God for 49 years.

Claim to be the only place on earth where anyone can be saved by God.

Founder Elbert Eugene Spriggs “Yoneq” is unquestioned Prophet Pope.

Home births and home circumcisions are required.

Childbirth pain is God’s will and is not to be lessened in any way.

Males must wear fur-face beards, short ponytails, and untucked shirts.

Medical and dental neglect is common with no health insurance.

Medications of any kind are generally not allowed.

Non-Tribes reading material of any kind is not allowed.

Shaving any part of the male of female body is not allowed.

Telephone calls to non-member family and friends is by permission.

Television, radio, personal music devices and internet aren’t allowed.

Women are not allowed in any leadership positions.

You can leave, but you’re damned to Death for 1000+ years or eternal Hell.

You’re rarely be able to visit friends and family “in the world.”

Your whole life is scrutinized and completely controlled everyday.

“It is through many trials and tribulations that we enter the kingdom.”

“You just need to die, and give up your rotten sticking life in the world.”

“Where did you learn to think anyway? In the world?”

“You just need to die and take off your head (personal reasoning),

and take on the mind of the Body (Twelve Tribes).

“You just need to die, and receive your brothers and let them handle you.”
(If the Twelve Tribes is not a cult, then what is a cult?)

mammie said...

There is a very strong and baffling spiritual presence within this group by which many have been deceived into thinking that it's from God, but it is not. There is a great wresting of scripture that takes things out of context causing the followers to believe teachings which are disproven in other areas of the Bible. This is a dangerous sect of deceived people being led by a man that believes that he is the Elijah prophet.

honey said...

I lived with them once and it was a great experience. Lots of prayer and Jewish dancing. All things in common. Open door policy. Absolutely wonderful!

Leo said...

I talked with a Twelve Tribes member today who has been a long-time friend and he told me that an idle word against the Twelve Tribes will be judged by God whether it is true or not. I told him I cannot believe in the apostleship or prophethood of "Yoneq" Elbert Eugene Spriggs. The way the members have been taught, the only way I or anyone can be saved from my sins, is to join the Twelve Tribes communities. This seems very wrong to me. I explained we outside the Tribes must speak up, because the communities do not repent to the world where they or their apostle has sinned or not made known the Teachings to people they meet. It very much concerns me the guilt they try to put people under in order for them to join and have their life totally controlled. And their leader cannot be questioned in any way.

SuiFriend said...

We had an experience meeting them when we were at a festival a couple years back in Golden Gate Park. They had these large yellow school buses that were painted in bright colors. I lost Sui in the crowds and wandered up the steps into one of the buses, thinking he might have gone it to see what it was too. There were people druming on carpets and many people turned and smiled at me when i reached the door. I said hello and scanned the bus for Sui. When i saw he wasnt in there i went to leave although the people were trying to give me papers about themselves and asking me what i was looking for and that i should sit with them and talk. As i left i told them "sorry, i was just looking for my boyfriend" and they persited with "when you find him come back and you both should sit with us". I just got strange feelings from them.

After seeing all the videos about them i can totally see why they go to festivals. Allot of kids who are hungry and homeless and looking for "spirituality" or just family and love can be blinded by these peoples friendly ways and false appearances.