Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Twelve Tribes: Disambiguation

Wondering why there's been so little in the way of new articles up on here as of late? Are our efforts to advocate a boycott of Maté Factor and educate Ithacans and others about Twelve Tribes flagging?


We continue to distribute our pamphlets at various locations in downtown Ithaca and get the word out through local media. Look for an article soon in The Ithacan, Ithaca College's student newspaper about Maté Factor, Twelve Tribes and the IOTTC.

Frankly, we are running out of things to say about Twelve Tribes without getting repetitive. We've covered what we find abhorrent and worrisome among the group's beliefs and practices pretty well in the articles below. The back and forth in the comments sections that follow each article are worth reading, as well. If you've arrived at this site for the first time, please take some time to read the older posts. Hopefully they'll get you to think twice about spending money at Maté Factor and underwriting Eugene Spriggs' cruel little empire built on free labor.

What then for this site? Ideally I would love to see this space begin to feature first-hand accounts from people who have experience in one way or another with Twelve Tribes. These are far more powerful than anything I, or any outsider, can write.

If you have such a personal experience with TT that you'd like to share, please get in touch. Use the email link under "Contact IOTTC" at the upper right of this page, or add a comment to one of the articles.

You also may be wondering what the graphic above is about. It's the cover art from "The Rebirth of Tragedy" by Twelve Tribes, a heavy metal/hardcore band from Dayton, Ohio. I posted it because it's more interesting to look at than just a lot of text and also because it's time to make something clear. For the record, we are not advocating a boycott of the hardcore band that goes by the name of Twelve Tribes and, in fact, would love to hear them play a show in Ithaca. (Maybe the Commons Pavilion, in front of Maté Factor this summer?) I'm listening to a track of theirs as I type this, and they rock pretty hard.

Getting back to what I'd like to see more of on this blog, here's how one person summed up his/her experience with Twelve Tribes (the cult) in a note we received this week.

I lived in the Tribes and was a respected member. I can't recommend the life to anyone. I left because I feared my child would soon be beaten frequently by other adults. Most constitutional freedoms do not exist inside the communities. It's sad, but most members are rather innocent well-meaning people who have been deeply deceived by wacko Bible verse twisting. The life really twisted my mind. It's taken a long time to recover most of the way. Yes, I may be better for the wear and tear, but I almost really lost my mind there.

Reading this reminds me that we need to be ready to help people who are facing the daunting prospect of walking away from TT with no more than the clothes on their back. I encourage this person to write us back and tell us more about how children and adults are treated inside TT communities.

If, like the author of the above, you can enlighten us regarding conditions inside TT for recruits and for children, please write us. We'll also continue to publish any obscenity-free rebuttals to anything posted here in the comments sections.

Peace out.


Anonymous said...

I'm tracking this site because my sister is housed at the Ithaca TT cult home. I wrote the piece in the last post. I am considering writing more.

I wish she'd leave that place and go to college.

Anonymous said...

I know your sister and she is a wonderful person who needs to make her own choice wether to be with tt or not. She seems like she is doing better in life now in tt then she did before tt.

Anonymous said...

You know my sister? Great. It's a questionable perception that she is doing well. I fear how well she will be doing 10 years from now after the Cult takes away all her savings and if she decided the Cult, closed-minded, life is still what she wants. She has absolutely no real world training to do anything but be a slave to the Cult.
She's young. I've changed my mind about how I am living my life several times over the last decade and I am 33.
Secondly, I'm not trying to convince her to choose otherwise so don't preach to me. I doubt you knew her before TT, so don't try and pass me your judgment of how MY little sister is doing.
I don't think it's healthy for anyone to live in a closed society, shut off from different thoughts and opinions, in the name of some bizarre interptetation of the bible.

Thanks for allowing a venue for me to vent this frustration. Each year she stays with this Cult the more and more pain I seem to feel.

Anonymous said...

I was in The Vine Christian Community. Thats what they called it early on when they started out. When I was a child I remember the adults hauling in a truckload of bamboo switches. I remember being beaten with two such switches twisted together.

Anonymous said...

I was part of the twelvetribes community and im really thinking of returning because their doing alot more than christianity.alot of people dont like the tt, but thats them.I lived in the community about 8 years I cant talk bad about them they done me only good. christianity is full of talkers, but not doers. And the TWELVE TRIBES is talkers and doers OF GODS WORD. IF YOU DONT LIKE THAT I DEFEND THEM TOO BAD. ALOT OF PEOPLE SAID ALOT OF BAD STUFF ABOUT THEM. BUT I WAS A MEMBER OF TT I KNOW THEIR HEART THEIR ALL ABOUT LOVING EACH OTHER FACT..............................................................