Wednesday, July 04, 2007

An Absolute Tyranny

I hold this truth to be self-evident: that a free citizen of the United States who willingly becomes a slave to doctrines dictated by a self-styled prophet should have sought professional psychological help instead.

Our Founders threw off the oppression of monarchy and state religion only to have some among us forge their own manacles. Adults are free to make the choice to join Twelve Tribes. It's for their children that I reserve most of my pity. I hope all of them get their independence day.


Anonymous said...

As one of the "oppressed" children you speak of, the day of independence is available to every child of the TT. No one is forced to stay once they are older than 12 or 13 years old. I chose to stay. Why? Because I believe in what I'm doing! Because I love the life I have. Does that mean it's all fun and games? No! But neither is anyone's life on this planet.
Being from the USA, you take the comforts you have and the easy life you have and all the rights you have for granted! You really miss the reality that life is for millions of human beings on the plantet. No amount of democracy, war, or capitalism will be able to bring them a better life.
The only thing that will change anything is love, and love is hard work laying down your life for those you love.
My point? The "oppressions" and "cruelties" you denounce the TT for are loving strokes compared to what THE MAJORITY of human beings go through in a so-called "normal life". I am 24 years old, have access to do what I want, when I want (I'm allowed to post here!), I'm married, am on the way to have a child, and what I want to do is fully apply my skills to make the TT the "light to the nations" that God always wanted. I will raise my son or daughter the SAME WAY I was raised - nothing beats it!

Aloysius Horn said...

Thanks for providing your personal view of TT life. I am glad that it has worked out for you, but I am a bit mystified by the obvious discrepancy between your life of “access to do what you want, when you want” and the many reports of TT life from ex-members reported here. How is it you have such freedom when others report that they were continuously "covered" by TT superiors and lacked access to all outside media, not to mention the internet, while inside. Are you free to tuck your shirt into your trousers and defecate without benefit of the Yoneq-prescribed stool? Maybe you could clarify. A 13 year-old is free to leave the group? To do what and survive how? Is it your belief that your child will himself/herself be martyred to the Beast, or will that be your grandchild?

I don't share your pessimistic attitude that human efforts cannot improve the lot of people living in the developing world.
While I agree with you that we need love, I would say that we will need also the fruits of intellect and ingenuity to build a durable future for all of humanity on this planet. You yourself owe the climate of religious tolerance from which you benefit to the secular, intellectual movement of the Enlightenment that produced the US Constitution. You have it much easier than those early Christians you emulate who the Romans regularly fed to the lions. Do you ever reflect upon that?

Anonymous said...

I doubt very highly the person who stated they were raised in the community is in fact being honest. A couple points: 1. The TT believe it is appropriate to lie to non-TT people if it serves a greater purpose. 2. Anyone raised and educated in the TT would not be able to write so eloquently without any mis-spellings. 3. If you read any of Yoneq's teachings you will see that using the internet and having "access to anything" is strictly against his doctrine. Therefore, I personally choose to believe this is either a TT elder or otherwise sympathizer attempting to give a false impression of this very dangerous controlling religious sect.

Anonymous said...

As an ex TT member who spent 15 years with them, I can honestly say that there are many who were born and raised there who are able to read and write quite well. It depends on where they grew up. Some places had much better teachers and training groups than others.It seems pretty biased to assume that they are all illiterate and ignorant. Actually the above post sounds to me just what I would expect to hear from one of their youth, who have been taught that the world is full of suffering, and that they are the only hope.But I agree with Aloysius that they underestimate the ability of "worldly" people to bring positive change to those in developing nations, using such resources as technology, ingenuity, and yes, money. In contrast, the TT do pretty much nothing to help the poor, in this country or anywhere. When I joined I was told by the person who was helping me to figure out what to do with my possesions that the Community was "the poor", and therefore the rightful recipients of all donated wealth.

Anonymous said...

I was told the same thing when I joined bu my covering. When I asked about my money and how Jesus said to give everything to the poor, I was told the Tribes are "the poor." Although I will give him credit, he and others wanted me to wait for months before giving my money to them.

I think some people are actually helped by the Tribes, who would otherwise remain skill-less, and on the street or pretty much useless to society.

You can learn skills in the Tribes and it can be like a large group-therapy session daily in a much more positive way.

Many people will eat healthier there and live a more wholesome life in various ways.

I miss my friends there. I found it more enlightening there than my acquaintances in mainstream society who cope with pot and beer.

Am not sure whether to be optimistic about the future of the Tribes or not.

But I think about them everyday.