Thursday, January 24, 2008

New blog dishes TT truth

A Twelve Tribes Truth movement is afoot. "VOR," the author of the last two articles below, has just started his own blog with lots of interesting and well researched things to say about the leader of the cult, Yoneq (Eugene Spriggs), and his cruel little empire built on free labor.

The Twelve Tribes have an interesting take on Commandment #9,the one about lying. Yoneq teaches that "not telling the truth to someone who doesn't deserve the truth isn't lying." Check out this nifty logic at VOR's new blog.

VOR created his site for the same reason we created this one: we all deserve to know the truth about TT, whether we're considering investing a lifetime with them, or just our lunch money.

On his site he has posted some very interesting videos on TT. One I've posted here. Check out his site for the others.


Anonymous said...

lol, way to be "objective" journalists.

Jake said...

Thanks for providing some resources for those of us victimized by this group. I currently have a child who has been recruited and turned against everything she believed in a metter of weeks. I find it interesting that "anonymous" commenters like to criticize. If everything is on the up and up, then why not shed a little light on yourselves?

Anonymous said...

I am afraid to say this but I I fear that when Yoneq passes on that will spell disaster for the community. I have known them for 10 years now and have moved in and out periodically, usually when I was down and having a hard time in my life, and have had many conversation's with different members, elders etc.. I cant say this with any amount of certanty, but.. I feel like it's going to be Jonestown all over again. The members are constantly talking about the day when Yashua comes to claim his "bride"--his 'bride' being the 'body' aka the community. As a whole. Even the members during minvah mention they are awaiting the day when they can rule with Yashua as his bride by his side. I was speaking to one member who was talking about this. So I asked him when he felt that this would occur. He stated that it would be soon, within the next 50 years, and then went on to tell me about dates in the bible and how they came up with this timeframe of when Yashua was going to come to earth to claim his bride.. Something tells me...and I may be crazy..that this day is going to be the day Yoneq dies. Which really sux cuz I have grown quite fond of them over the years!!! Most of the members are really awesome people, but they are under total control of Yoneq. If Yoneq says 'time to drink to poison laced cool-aid'...they're doin it. After all, this is the day they are waiting for. The day for Yashua to take them as his bride and rule the nations together.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment, anon. Yes, I hope you're wrong, but have also seen through the years in various religious high-control groups that literally anything is possible. I honestly never made anything of my life, and went to the Tribes and other groups to try to find God and meaning in life. I like the people much also, but they're really off the deep-end in some ways and teachings. It's pretty scary. So much good, and bad mixed together. A real recipe for heartache in the end. I can't recommend the place anymore. Because I feel people would be wasting their time, energy, emotions, mind there and it's actually dangerous in some ways. I was desperate I went and left many times. A real mind bender. For some, a real mind wrecker. Under the surface does not represent a truly loving God.

Joshua. said...

I use to stay at this cult for a brief period of 3 weeks, and let me say, OH BOY was their ever a lot of manipulation. THEYre main prays, are homeless/ Poor.

I was in a very crappy appartment at the time, however despite me studying christian theology my whole life, I still was won in by their "love". if you want to know more, I can tell you so much email me

John said...

Poor cry baby trying to find God. It's your own fault. Wake up and take responsibility for your sad pitiful life. Don't blame the commune for your weak-willed spineless life. You're a victim.

Anonymous said...

The loving community that had open arms and a non-judgmental, humble beginning has morphed into just another industrial complex. The pride of the Pharisees has leavened the loaf and puffed it up beyond recognition. Your people have enforced the “law” and know not of the “freedom of the cross”. Instead of the faithful caring and seeing to the needs of others, knowing that theirs will be met, their days are filled with dreams of actually getting 8 straight hours of sleep, providing for their own flesh and the monotony of rote rituals and not the labor of love. They do as they are told for fear of correction, discipline and the stigma and torture of being “cut-off” from those who they love.

Reasoning, independent thought and critical thinking is deemed a “sin” and rebellion.
The “flavors” of the different cultures brought together and the distinct personalities of the wonderful, interesting and loving people are smothered in order to create a community of automatons…lemmings…cookie cutter disciples. These common disciples who dont have the power or stature of the ruling class will exersize the only power they have and thats the one that encourages you to watch your brother and his family and publicly point out all their shortcomings and problems that they need to address, knowing that they must receive you no matter if they feel your right or wrong. But as with Elder, government member and common disciple alike, when your pointing that finger at your brother don’t forget to take a look at the 3 pointing back at you…

Anonymous said...

Twelve Tribes “Alpha” males rise to the top of the government and try to fix the problems of the proletariat…
“Shepherding over their souls” with fear and control instead of understanding and love.
That love the “elders” can’t even muster up to work out the petty differences between each other!
“Do as I say! Not as I do!”

Time and time again I have seen elders who possess the love of others spread too thin. Crushed by the mere numbers and demands of the sick just like Yahshua. Desperately wanting to complete the “portion” set before them, they unintentionally neglect their spouse, and their children who then in turn suffer. The children become unruly just for some kind of attention and then they are punished for being rebellious!!! Then, the “powers that be” demote these loving men and tell them to put back together that which is already shattered! Many children, by the time they are old enough, leave! (which I must say takes great courage but also tears them apart inside!) How can these children “turn their hearts towards their fathers when they are never there???:(

The ones with unconditional love are leaving.

Anonymous said...

It would do wonders for the whole Edah, if the leadership would just repent and come clean and admit where they and the community as a whole have failed through the years, so there could be true forgiveness and healing in all the ways it needs to happen. The community as a whole is truly too communistic in that the individual will always be put down and punished before the leadership or the whole group is or can be brought to account.

Yoneq through the yeas became the Pope of the Tribes and Ha-emeq the unspoken but truly outspoken yet unpunished adulterous Popess. "The Teachings" are the infallibility of Yoneq. Why does it have to be this way. What went wrong with something so honorable in so many ways?

Gene and Marsha Spriggs, you have the power to change things for the better before you die. You owe it to all the innocent people who gave up their lives to follow God by following all you say to believe and do.

Regardless what the Bible says, you can beat some children until they are black and blue and bloody and you still won't be able to crush their will. They won't follow you.

And please eliminate the Cham teaching. What good has this KKK indoctrination ever done? It's interesting the Tribes now have a community in the birthplace of the Klu Klux Klan in Pulaski, Tennessee.

The Tribes believe all people of African descent should still be slaves/servants to white people, unless they join the Twelve Tribes.

Read what the book of Revelation has to say about Babylon selling the souls and bodies of people for slaves. How would you like to be kidnapped and sold as a slave Yoneq?

I still love the community, but I wish it could be what God really wants it to be, instead of what Yoneq and Ha'emeq want it to be.

Anonymous said...

To Jake,
Some of us remain anonymous because we don't want the Tribes leadership to know who we are, also to be able to communicate with those in the Tribes. Get it? Also, just because a person gives a name, that doesn't mean it's their real name either. More "up and up" to honestly say you want to be anonymous, than to give a phony name.

Chris said...

The Twelve Tribes claim:
“Evil spirits are in and around churches, especially on Sunday.”
“Good people of the nations can pay for their sins in Death.”
“If you live in the world, you have another spirit (demon).”
Messiah can’t return, until they obey God’s laws perfectly for 49 years.
Messiah can’t return, until they produce 144,000 celibate male evangelists.
People of African descent remain under God’s curse and should still be servants/slaves to white people, unless they join the Tribes and become truly equal.
That to be saved by God you must give up your family, friends, job, money, and everything you have, move to one of the communities, renounce all other churches/religions, call out loudly to Yahshua to be saved, be baptized only by them, join their community, be completely obedient, believe everything you are taught without questioning, die to yourself, crucify your flesh, confess your sins to God and to one another, and never leave.
The Bible cannot be understood, “unless you are connected to the Vine”/connected to Messiah and God’s Spirit by being a Tribes member.

The Twelve Tribes claim to be:
“God’s only people” and “the only true Church since Jesus’ Apostles were on earth.”
“The only ones who are obeying God and producing good fruit.”
“The only place where God’s Spirit can dwell.”
“The only place where people can be saved by God from their sins.
“The only truly sent-ones who have a right to preach the true Gospel.”
“The only true work of God on earth.”

Brad Smiley said...

These people are very giving... I love going to their bakery, and on many occasions they have given me free loafs of the most delicious bread. I don't care what they believe, they are nice, and very polite. Jesus' name really is Yeshua... Joshua would be the literal translation.

Bible Man said...

Hey Brad, you can get good bread elsewhere without the cult control. Jesus is supposed to be the Bread of Life, not the Twelve Tribes, anyway. Whoops, I forgot, "Jesus is a demon" they told me.

Larry and Ted said...

Nobody said the Twelve Tribes is the Bread of Life, duh...are you another Tribephobic person like the operator of this blog? That's your choice, but if you haven't visited them, maybe you should before you start saying bad things about them. Yeah, they have their flaws, but so does every organization. What I see is mainly sincere real people who like each other and do the best they can to show their love for God. Can you hate them for that?

James said...

brings back happy times I had with the tribes in the UK! I have known them and been a friend for 10-15 years now. A lot of what they teach has help me in life on the outside, but never could give it all up and join.

Todd Damore said...

i used to live in this group in winnipeg, i was there in 1993 1995 and 2002

Dan Haszard said...

The Cult word gets overused,but in some cases it is appropriate.
The definition of a destructive religious cult is like alcoholism-if booze controls you instead of the other way around you are an alcoholic. The Watchtower society Jehovah's Witnesses as an example is not benevolent and won't let you leave their organization in peace. If they try to ruin your reputation and break up your family for trying to get out then they are a cult! Whenever you surrender your logic and reason to anyone who asks you to trust them because they know better and to please donate generously, it's a cult. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck....

Ann Phelps said...

You knnow, I think there's a few people here writing hate stuff, that really should just visit the community people and see what's really going on. Otherwise you really don't know what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

17+ hour work days while standing most of the time.

All believe and do what the founder Gene Spriggs has taught.

All of Christianity and the Christian Jesus is condemned as demonic, and the satanic scarlet whore of the Bible book of Revelation.

Birthdays, Christmas and other holidays are not celebrated.

Children are frequently hit with balloon sticks by any adult

member for any form of disobedience or “foolishness.”

Childrens toys, dolls, and stuffed animals are not allowed.

Claim Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. deserved to die.

Claim black people should still be slaves to whites unless they join.

Claim to be the only people forgiven and being saved by God.

Claim to be the only people who have the Holy Spirit.

Claim to be the only people who will bring Jesus back to earth by

eventually birthing 144,000 celibate male evangelists and being

perfectly obedient to God for 49 years.

Claim to be the only place on earth where anyone can be saved by God.

Founder Elbert Eugene Spriggs “Yoneq” is unquestioned Prophet Pope.

Home births and home circumcisions are required.

Childbirth pain is God’s will and is not to be lessened in any way.

Males must wear fur-face beards, short ponytails, and untucked shirts.

Medical and dental neglect is common with no health insurance.

Medications of any kind are generally not allowed.

Non-Tribes reading material of any kind is not allowed.

Shaving any part of the male of female body is not allowed.

Telephone calls to non-member family and friends is by permission.

Television, radio, personal music devices and internet aren’t allowed.

Women are not allowed in any leadership positions.

You can leave, but you’re damned to Death for 1000+ years or eternal Hell.

You’re rarely be able to visit friends and family “in the world.”

Your whole life is scrutinized and completely controlled everyday.

“It is through many trials and tribulations that we enter the kingdom.”

“You just need to die, and give up your rotten sticking life in the world.”

“Where did you learn to think anyway? In the world?”

“You just need to die and take off your head (personal reasoning),

and take on the mind of the Body (Twelve Tribes).

“You just need to die, and receive your brothers and let them handle you.”
(If the Twelve Tribes is not a cult, then what is a cult?)

mammie said...

There is a very strong and baffling spiritual presence within this group by which many have been deceived into thinking that it's from God, but it is not. There is a great wresting of scripture that takes things out of context causing the followers to believe teachings which are disproven in other areas of the Bible. This is a dangerous sect of deceived people being led by a man that believes that he is the Elijah prophet.

luke said...

Two Twelve Tribes communities have been raided by police in Germany following a documentary that showed children being beaten.

The raids in Bavaria led to 40 children being taken away and placed in foster care. Police suspect they had spent their lives being beaten within these fundamentalist communities, the Independent reports.

Wolfram Kuhnigk, a journalist with Germany's RTL television channel, used secret cameras to film a small blonde-haired boy of around four being beaten repeatedly by a woman in a cellar.

The woman tells him to say that he is tired. When he refuses, he pulls down his pants and hits him with a willow cane three times. When he refuses again, he is hit again. After receiving 10 lashes, he says "I am tired".

Rob said...

This high-demand, racist group is led and controlled by "Super Apostles" Elbert Eugene Spriggs, aka Yoneq.

The group's aberrant and heretical teachings identify it, theologically, as a cult of Christianity. Sociologically, there are cultic elements as well, including the high level of control leveled over the group's followers, as well as the beating of children.

The New England Institute of Religious Research (NEIRR), a countercult organization, has done extensive research into this group (among other things, the NEIRR has examined 20 years worth of the group's teachings).

kiwi girl said...

I spent 3 months living at their farm, working in their cafe, helping out with chores and kids. They spent hours listening to me, talking to me, and helping me whenever I needed them. They taught me (through their ACTIONS, not their doctrine) what it means to be loved, and what's important in life. And when I decided to leave, they made me a pancake breakfast and drove me to my grandmother's house, where we parted on good terms. I would call this a "Heart Reform" group.

Leo said...

Kiwi Girl, if you liked it so much, why are you not there now? No offense intended. Why did you decide to leave?