Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Are the Twelve Tribes a "hate group"?

While hate is probably not the primary motivation for people joining Twelve Tribes and there is no evidence that they seek to do violence to anyone outside the group, their leader Eugene Spriggs teaches that God approved of the slavery of African Americans, that Martin Luther King, Jr. was “evil,” that Jews are born "cursed," that the “three races of Man” should be separated and that homosexuals as individuals "are detestable, not just their sin" and “deserve death.” The Southern Poverty Law Center characterizes a hate group as one that has “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.” Of course they will tell you that their beliefs aren't motivated by hate, but out of obedience to the Word of God. That line's a bit played out in 2006, don't you think? Hate group? Check.


Cortez said...

A boycott is an excellent way to stop a company, or any party for that matter, that is doing wrong things and producing revenue by distributing a product or service of some kind.
So enough of the P.C. jargon, a boycott of the Twelve Tribes products is an excellent endevour. They are one of the most detrimental mind control cults on the planet and they are hurting people. Besides that, for me the most horrible aspect of their communities is that they blaspheme The Creator and destroy really good peoples' Faith in The Creator, The Living Spirit of The Messiah.
Regardless of whether you believe in The Creator and The Living Spirit, these people are ruining peoples' lives in more physical, mental and spiritual ways as well. They dictate how they must eat and their medical/health care practises and abilities, or availabilities. As mentioned they teach racism, undeniably. Some people that need certain medical treatments are denied and called faithless and treated like real burdens, and made to feel guilty while others have prescriptions for drugs to treat depression and other mental disease that are probably just keeping them mentally ill rather than really treating the problems. Some members' credit has been ruined and they are told that personal is of the world and not needed by them now in the communities. Some are kicked out for unfounded reasons, and even deceptive, or cruel reasons and given nothing to re-establish themselves in society with. Just to name a few facts about them.
I realize that this entry is somewhat discombobulated but I don't really have time to edit and write a really ordered and coherant piece here now.
Boycotting these people would be the thing to do by everyone especially true followers of The Way, The Truth and The Life.
I also think we should all start using biodiesel, ethynol, and electrical vehicles and produce our electricity with solar panels, and boycott OPEC and all the oil mongers and their corrupt CEO's and chronies and offshoot companies also. This would free up our country to work on real homeland securities and independence once again, but that's a different subject and thread and you can see that I am a radical and an activist. I do use biodiesel in my vehicle and sailing vessel.
I believe wholeheartedly the words of our Elohim and The Messiah and know that they are One. I know that the media are lieing and Hollywood and other TV producers make 99.9% garbage. We homeschool our children. We practice discipline and Order in our family and household. I agree with many of the teachings of the TT but these people are being mislead by liers and dictators, mainly Yoneq and his "wife." They are some of the most incredibly damned hypocrits on the planet if they don't change, confess and repent. The Scripture says that you will know them by their fruit and I am not judgeing nor condemning them, I have seen and am in touch with many of their fruit. They are recovering by the Grace of our Father from TT's rotteness.
The TT pay the people in their businesses nothing. Sure they "provide"their needs and in is "voluntary," but honestly it is manipulation and control and there are certain peple in certain positions which have way more than their needs and there are many that don't even have the food and/or underware that they need very much.
Some of their children are abused and definitlely deprived of very simple things. I homeschool and keep my children from being poluted by the "world" but my children play soccer with the teams at the YMCA and ride bicyles ask the TT what the "wheel spirit" is and why children can't ride bikes. ? Because they might escape!

Cortez said...

Sorry, bicycles.Ooops. That's not my only typo. I meant underwear. Anyway, I hope the fews points I made are clear. There are some good people there and they need to be helped OUT. Yoneq and his "wife need to turn from the self-centered, pride filled deceptions and be Free; Truth, Whole Truth and nothing but The Truth.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to explain how they actually "hate" blacks, because the blacks in the TT are not treated any differently than any other race. It is the blacks that are not in there that are technically "hated" .

(They would never use that term, and most living there don't even have those emotions towards others!)

an example:

"Without conscience there would be no restraint. By the time of Gen 6:5, everyone had continually gone against their consciences, to the point that every intent of their hearts was continually evil — all except Noah and his family. Then after the flood, Châm went against his conscience and again brought this principle in the world. But Abraham kept a good conscience. Through a line of Shem, obedience to conscience was preserved."

That is Yoneq, from the Confession Teaching, Sus France, March 1989

So Cham ( All Africans, according to their teachings) is the sole responsible party for bringing evil into the current world, and apparently are not even able to listen to their conscience, if they even have one. While wonderful Shem can do this. And what about Yapheth?

(An example of a question you probably won't get an answer for. Things kind of get made up as you along there.)

Anyhow all is forgiven when you come into the Tribes, see? God changes your DNA.

So it doesn't really appear racist at all, to most.

It took me a long time to see that I had been racist in my thinking, because I had all these good fuzzy "feelings" towards other races, yet adhered to these teachings, that I really had little knowledge or understanding of.

Cortez said...

I honor my mother and father and I will have a long life. In fact, I have a trully abundant life now because I trully Love everyone, even the enemies.
Boycott the TT's Common Grounds Cafes, Common Sense Markets and Common Sense products, and all their other bussinesses and products everywhere, including hiring B.O.J. contractors and builders. Do the good hearted, Truth seeking people there a favor and help them to come out.
P.S. As I used to tell my friends since I was about 14 years old, your swearing/cussing really limits your vocabulary and it is very difficult to understand your true meaning and feelings when you talk/write that way. It is also very difficult to respect you but I do and will.
Even athiests, agnostics and humanists believe and attempt to follow: Do to others as you would like them to do to you.
P.P.S. As in the days of Noah (violence), so it will be ...

Cortez said...
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queencrab said...

well said... cortez, well said!!

queencrab said...

well said... cortez, well said!!