Sunday, August 13, 2006

Two interactions

I was only able to put in about 45 minutes at the protest, but I had two significant interactions with the cultists.

1. I was standing watching Aloysius and others participating in the Open Forum when from behind me a voice asked "Is that a Bible in your back pocket?" It was in fact my black Moleskine notebook, and I laughed and turned around and said "No, it's my notebook." I realized who I was talking to as he grew belligerent and said "Why are you laughing? What's so funny about the Bible? You're totally disrespecting my religion." I said that on the contrary, I was laughing at the fact that I'm a highly unlikely person to be carrying around a Bible, and that I amused at the mixup. "I'm laughing at myself, not you" I told him. He sort of sullenly said "Oh, sorry" and then an elder Tribesman called him away.

2. I was watching my wife talk to a cultist and his daughter when I lost a very important and very tiny piece of my eyewear. The guy noticed me looking and immediately helped out, without saying anything at all creepy. Finally I gave up but he kept looking, saying "I have faith." I laughed.


Cortez said...

A boycott is an excellent way to stop a company, or any party for that matter, that is doing wrong things and producing revenue by distributing a product or service of some kind.
So enough of the P.C. jargon, a boycott of the Twelve Tribes products is an excellent endevour. They are one of the most detrimental mind control cults on the planet and they are hurting people. Besides that, for me the most horrible aspect of their communities is that they blaspheme The Creator and destroy really good peoples' Faith in The Creator, The Living Spirit of The Messiah.
Regardless of whether you believe in The Creator and The Living Spirit, these people are ruining peoples' lives in more physical, mental and spiritual ways as well. They dictate how they must eat and their medical/health care practises and abilities, or availabilities. As mentioned they teach racism, undeniably. Some people that need certain medical treatments are denied and called faithless and treated like real burdens, and made to feel guilty while others have prescriptions for drugs to treat depression and other mental disease that are probably just keeping them mentally ill rather than really treating the problems. Some members' credit has been ruined and they are told that personal is of the world and not needed by them now in the communities. Some are kicked out for unfounded reasons, and even deceptive, or cruel reasons and given nothing to re-establish themselves in society with. Just to name a few facts about them.
I realize that this entry is somewhat discombobulated but I don't really have time to edit and write a really ordered and coherant piece here now.
Boycotting these people would be the thing to do by everyone especially true followers of The Way, The Truth and The Life.
I also think we should all start using biodiesel, ethynol, and electrical vehicles and produce our electricity with solar panels, and boycott OPEC and all the oil mongers and their corrupt CEO's and chronies and offshoot companies also. This would free up our country to work on real homeland securities and independence once again, but that's a different subject and thread and you can see that I am a radical and an activist. I do use biodiesel in my vehicle and sailing vessel.
I believe wholeheartedly the words of our Elohim and The Messiah and know that they are One. I know that the media are lieing and Hollywood and other TV producers make 99.9% garbage. We homeschool our children. We practice discipline and Order in our family and household. I agree with many of the teachings of the TT but these people are being mislead by liers and dictators, mainly Yoneq and his "wife." They are some of the most incredibly damned hypocrits on the planet if they don't change, confess and repent. The Scripture says that you will know them by their fruit and I am not judgeing nor condemning them, I have seen and am in touch with many of their fruit. They are recovering by the Grace of our Father from TT's rotteness.
The TT pay the people in their businesses nothing. Sure they "provide"their needs and in is "voluntary," but honestly it is manipulation and control and there are certain peple in certain positions which have way more than their needs and there are many that don't even have the food and/or underware that they need very much.
Some of their children are abused and definitlely deprived of very simple things. I homeschool and keep my children from being poluted by the "world" but my children play soccer with the teams at the YMCA and ride bicyles ask the TT what the "wheel spirit" is and why children can't ride bikes. ? Because they might escape!

Cortez said...

Sorry, bicycles.Ooops. That's not my only typo. I meant underwear. Anyway, I hope the fews points I made are clear. There are some good people there and they need to be helped OUT. Yoneq and his "wife need to turn from the self-centered, pride filled deceptions and be Free; Truth, Whole Truth and nothing but The Truth.

Anonymous said...

pretty sad to see how you just take what you read and hear and pass it on... this website is a load of crap for any one with any degree of intelligence... anyone deceived by this website is certainly unwise... it is indeed you people who are the haters... anyone with intelligence can see that... you deceive the unwise... that is your path... sad indeed.... your interpretation of their life couldnt be further from the truth... its obvious you are some do gooder democrat progressive type thinking hes gonna change the world by passing on some unverified garbage about a people you dont understand... i see you crawling around on the web now trying to exploit ex-members for your cause... what a loath... you and bob pardon have alot in common... you two should talk about how you exploit others... you could learn alot from one another !

Cortez said...

Yes, please Anonymous, address the issues. What are the TT's teaching about black people? Ham? The "wheel spirit"? Why are children not allowed to ride bicycles? Are people paid for their work? Do the TT pay their taxes righteously according to the laws of the land they live in? I mean above board, each person pays taxes on the income they produce in the businesses and not including people who stay home and do household chores as people employed by the Common Grounds Cafe? They aren't employed there and are averaged in to calculate taxes, just to name a few. Submit to autority. Give to Cesar what is Cesar's remember the words of Yahushua? I guess Yoneq has some selective interpretation of those quotes of The Master, Yahushua.Interpretaions to suite his purposes of power and the desire of money. Does Yoneq make sure all of the group have all in common as according to the Body of Yahushua from the beginning? Why are many people lacking in a group with some much wealth? Yahushua is not waiting for "His people to get it together" that He will come at that time. Our Father has a certain time when The Messiah will return whether the body/Temple is rebuilt according to His perfect will or not. The TT looks like every other mainstream church of ?Babylon. And He says come out of her, My People.
Oooops, forgive me for getting a little carried away in The Truth.
Please address some of the real issues like the ones mentioned above, oh, and maybe more importantly, elders of the TT lying, bold faced lying and justifying it as being okay when talking to outsiders ie. people not of the annointing. Address that teaching please.

Anonymous said...

hah! you claim to have the truth! now thats FUCKING HILARIASSS!

fucking idiots

all of you


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