Sunday, August 13, 2006

Merrymakers Caravan leaves Ithaca

Not sure the Twelve Tribes folks had the kind of recruiting day they expected on the Ithaca Commons yesterday (Saturday, Aug 12). By the end of the afternoon, I saw more concern than merriment on their faces. We came with a card table and a one-sheet pamphlet with quotes from their leader Eugene Spriggs that illustrate his views on African-Americans, Jews, gays, and child discipline. Our first hundred copies were gone quickly, then a second hundred, and then a third hundred (only five left over). On the other hand, the stacks and stacks of their publications placed around the Commons pavilion seemed to go untouched.

It’s good to know that when racists come to town to spout their beliefs and win new followers, some Ithacans will take the time to challenge them, even on a beautiful Saturday when other activities are calling. Thanks to everyone who pitched in and for the words of encouragement we received from so many.

I’ll have more to say about the experience of spending hours on the Commons with the Tribesmen and Tribeswomen soon.


Anonymous said...

pretty sad to see how you just take what you read and hear and pass it on... this website is a load of crap for any one with any degree of intelligence... anyone deceived by this website is certainly unwise... it is indeed you people who are the haters... anyone with intelligence can see that... you deceive the unwise... that is your path... sad indeed.... your interpretation of their life couldnt be further from the truth... its obvious you are some do gooder democrat progressive type thinking hes gonna change the world by passing on some unverified garbage about a people you dont understand... i see you crawling around on the web now trying to exploit ex-members for your cause... what a loath... you and bob pardon have alot in common... you two should talk about how you exploit others... you could learn alot from one another !

Cortez said...

Yes, please Anonymous, address the issues. What are the TT's teaching about black people? Ham? The "wheel spirit"? Why are children not allowed to ride bicycles? Are people paid for their work? Do the TT pay their taxes righteously according to the laws of the land they live in? I mean above board, each person pays taxes on the income they produce in the businesses and not including people who stay home and do household chores as people employed by the Common Grounds Cafe? They aren't employed there and are averaged in to calculate taxes, just to name a few. Submit to autority. Give to Cesar what is Cesar's remember the words of Yahushua? I guess Yoneq has some selective interpretation of those quotes of The Master, Yahushua.Interpretaions to suite his purposes of power and the desire of money. Does Yoneq make sure all of the group have all in common as according to the Body of Yahushua from the beginning? Why are many people lacking in a group with some much wealth? Yahushua is not waiting for "His people to get it together" that He will come at that time. Our Father has a certain time when The Messiah will return whether the body/Temple is rebuilt according to His perfect will or not. The TT looks like every other mainstream church of ?Babylon. And He says come out of her, My People.
Oooops, forgive me for getting a little carried away in The Truth.
Please address some of the real issues like the ones mentioned above, oh, and maybe more importantly, elders of the TT lying, bold faced lying and justifying it as being okay when talking to outsiders ie. people not of the annointing. Address that teaching please.

Anonymous said...

you address them you jackass! your the ones making all this shit up!

fucking idiots! SHEESH!

Anonymous said...

No doubt these nasty posts belong to current members of the twelve tribes. The language doesn't surprise me- the posts are anonymous. Also the mention of the name Bob Pardon is an excellent indicator that a triber wrote these because BP is infamous in the tribes as someone who is a exposure risk to them. I wouldn't be surprised if David Derush wrote these-- he is known for trying to condemn dissenters of the TT around the internet.

Anonymous said...

I lived in the Tribes and was a respected member. I can't recommend the life to anyone. I left because I feared my child would soon be beaten frequently by other adults. Most constitutional freedoms do not exist inside the communities. It's sad, but most members are rather innocent well-meaning people who have been deeply deceived by wacko Bible verse twisting. The life really twisted my mind. It's taken a long time to recover most of the way. Yes, I may be better for the wear and tear, but I almost really lost my mind there.

Anonymous said...

There are many things I miss about the Twelve Tribes. I would say overall, my life had much more meaning and purpose there.

For me the Twelve Tribes issue is not very clear, after years of knowing them, being a member at times, and looking at the situation from numerous perspectives.

Generally, when I was in the Tribes, there was love and honesty expressed while living and working hard together.

There seemed to be a deep sincerity on the part of most to really understand and live Scriptures together.

I've tried to be a part of other churches and religions, but my heart and thoughts always come back to the Twelve Tribes and the ways they wish to live for God. Is something wrong with me?

I'm not here to defend them or to tear them down, although I've done both at times before.

Peace to all,
Eric Christopherson